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World, France, Paris and Notre Dame after the fire. I have a heavy heart.



My first flight was to Paris. For the first time in my life, I traveled alone abroad.

Then I was a student of about 17-18 y.o. It wasn’t an excursion, I stayed in the apartment of the family of a girl, who I had met some months ago in Petersburg. There lived: her father, her mother, my friend, her elder sister, her brother sometimes came to visit his family and stayed at sleepover and twins (her brother and her sister). And for two weeks – me…

The apartment was not far from Paris, about 15-20 minutes and you are under Eiffel Tower.

I can say nothing bad about the family, the apartment – I have a room, about the location.  Nothing could go wrong, I thought but I was and still am a damn introvert! And this family was very friendly, very good, very kind and incredibly talkative.

In France usually, you can have breakfast and lunch at any place you liked: at home, in a bistro, you can just make sandwiches and eat them on a bench in Paris. But dinner is incredible. The entire family meets at home for a “French” dinner. It means that you can barely walk at the end of it. Every evening at the dinner I thought, how the French women could eat like Gargantua and could keep themselves in shape. How????

So, at dinner, they always TALKED!! all together, or someone told a story, or they asked me about something, or they discussed a book or a film, or the twins, interrupting each other told some hilariously funny story from their school life. These dinners made my life hell! But it was only 1.5-2 hours a day, and I could live with it.

Where is the Cathedral in my story? It was every day “with me”: I took sandwiches with, or bought smth very French in a bistro nearby and had lunch on a bench right near Notre Dame de Paris in a small garden in front of it. For me then the Cathedral was something like a friend. I always knew, where is the nearest subway station, could go along the Seine reach the most exciting places, museums, cathedrals and much much more.

So, I naturally, mourn and cry with all Parisians and all French women and men, with all, who love France and Paris and especially Notre Dame.

Look at the photos here, you should do it! Please, do it for me, do it for yourself. We lost a historical monument, we lost the Cathedral of Hugo, we lost so much!

Paris, Photos, Notre Dame


paris notre dame photos

That’s all for today. Save yourselves. Anna


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