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Do you still read “normal” paper books?


I will explain my question. From my youngest childhood, I wanted my own big library.

When I was a small child I have many books. I started to read in 4 or 5 years old. In this time, naturally, my books were just some text and many pictures, but it is logic, isn’t it?

Then began my magic life with Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver’s travels, Ivanhoe, many fairy tales: Grimm’s fairy tales, Oten fairy tales, Russian Fairy Tales, Mumintrolls, the Hobbit… I read always and anywhere. This was my own a bit magical, a bit romantic world.

For parents I’d like to give some sites with a list of the best books for every child.

50 Classic Kids Picture Books

Trust me, there are very good book’s collections.

Little boy and the old magic book

I made my dreams come true. When I lived in Sankt-Petersburg I have a library with about 6500 books. My friends came to me, like to the library.)))

When we moved to Riga, naturally, I couldn’t take all my books with. But 3 years I flew to SPb to make some book. Fortunately, I had a friend from Riga, who was in practice in SPb. Of course, I thank him incredibly. Thanks, Arturs!!!

Sure, I couldn’t take all my books with, and this was long thinking, what to take with.

I took all classic books, my childhood’s books, historical, detectives, philosophic books and, sure, my favorite books.

Now I will explain my question. You know, I do a small repair.

My small repair

I bought some new shelves, and sure I rearrange the books. I didn’t still finish it, but I also see the light))))

And doing this, I have thought, how many people read now paper books?

My dream is that the people still love read and still will be paper books!

These are some reasons, why needing read books

10 Reasons Why Reading Books Will Save Your Life

Why You Need To Read More Books

In general, I hope I have convinced you that reading is great! And necessarily paper books!!

my lovely paper books




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