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Ooooh, my dear God!! The symbol of Paris, of France and of all the world, the Notre Dame de Paris is on fire! I cannot believe it!


Notre Dame de Paris is on fire! Right now!

First of all, the live report shows now Euronews.

I try to give a link, but do not know, if it is allowed, so open the site of the Euronews, the breaking news:


And this is the link on live reports:

live reports from Paris


And, naturally, we should remember, how beautiful it was:

The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris
The Notre Dame de Paris
The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris at sunset, France
Island Cite with cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

And my favorite: the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. I cannot say, how many times I had listened to this “Belle”!


Je voudrais dire a chaque Fransaise et chaque Fransais, que nous tous sommes avec vous, que le monde entier est avec vous! Tout ira bien and Notre Dame de Paris restera a toujours ly symbol de Paris, de la France and de la culture et histoire de notre monde!

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