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My small repair

I have still a “small” flat repair.

Hm, flat repairs are never SMALL! If you only would like to change wallpapers on one or two walls, or put this table from the left corner of your room to the right one, or you have bought a new big mirror and you need more place in your living room, or you just like a bit more artistry or vintage or freedom in your flat and you think: aha, I will make a small repair and will be free in 2-3 days! Hahaha!!!

When you start, you understand, that it would be excellent to change the wallpapers on all 4 walls, or you have a new cute mirror, but the curtains are too old for this mirror, or you want only a bit of vintage in your bedroom, but you start to read the articles and books, watch the video and you understand, that you have to change almost all in your poor bedroom.

So, I have a huge small repair and cannot write about my lovely cosmetics and cosmetology and aromatherapy and make classes and show, what are there in my small, green shop of handmade cosmetics and not only, answer your questions😢😢😢

But. I can show you Awesome Animals 2019. It is really funny!

No! You should see 2018 year too!

Now, I hope, I go continuer to make repair.

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