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Honey for your health and your skin

Today we will talk about honey.

The benefits of honey in beauty products are endless. Not to mention honey has been used in beauty treatments for centuries. If you make your own aromatherapy and beauty products, you might want to consider honey as an ingredient; honey isn’t just for eating, it can be added to many different homemade beauty products.

Although beeswax is a popular ingredient for homemade aromatherapy products, honey, in its raw form, is useful too.
Honey has many health benefits when you apply it externally but you need to make sure that you choose the right type of honey, and in the right format, in order to see the benefits. Honey is made by honey bees from the nectar of the flowers from which honeybees frequent; honey varies in color and flavor, depending from which plant it was sourced from. However, the main components of honey are usually the same. Raw honey is the type of honey that you need to use if you are using it for aromatherapy, beauty products or medicinal purposes.

The type of honey that you find in the supermarket or store has usually been pasteurized or processed to make it more visually appealing; however, this process can remove some of the healing benefits. Raw honey is primarily made up of fructose, glucose and water, with sucrose, maltose and traces of other sugars and undetermined constituents. As stated above, raw honey is the type of honey that you should use for making aromatherapy and beauty products; however, there are several different types of raw honey to choose from too.
Raw honey with healing benefits includes such types as manuka and buckwheat honey.

Honey has several medicinal and beauty benefits; today, manuka honey is one of the most popular types of raw honey to use in aromatherapy and beauty products because it contains the following healing properties:
properties for wound healing
useful for treating sunburn skin
healing properties, useful for acne, eczema and other types of skin infections.
Today, many face creams and lotions, contain honey. Honey has a nourishing, bleaching, and astringent effect on the skin, as well as it is a good antiseptic.
Needless to say the cosmetic effect of honey is not restricted to its external application. The consumption of honey in itself will greatly improve not only the color but the texture of one’s skin.

Tune in next time, when we will offer you a recipe for natural facial scrub with honey!

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