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What do you feel, when you want smth very very much, but cannot do it?? You haven’t possibility, or are busy, or something else, what do you feel?

I am frustrated in such moments.

Like now. I have so many ideas, what about to write, about to discuss, to laugh together, but absolutely have no time(((

I have now 4, hm, say, questions to close: I have started to change my shop at Etsy. It goes, but not so speed, as I would like.

The second “question” is my site. I want to write the posts about cosmetology, skin and hair problems and how can resolve them in your kitchen or in the garden, I want to tell you about aromatherapy and give some advice about the essential oils, I’dd like to answer your questions. I am going to open a small shop here with funny,, cool,  natural, things (not only cosmetics) and I read and read a bundle of instructions about that and about that, sometimes I feel that my brain boils.

The third thing concerns my own cosmetology cabinet, that is almost ready, but however, there are yet many things to do.

The fourth ” problem&question” is that I want to write some small books about home remedies, aromatherapy, how not to spend a lot of money on the “firm” cosmetics and much more…  My customers and friends have asked me about it for a long time.

The problem is that I have not finished making repairs in my apartment. Something here, there, need to buy something and wait, when it arrives.

So, I’d like to say THANK you, that you subscribe to my blog!  I love you all!! And promise that the first 1000 subscriber will get a gift from me and my shop!

And two of my loved songs about love





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