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If I could be anything right now, I would be in a fairy wood. And where would you be?

I would be in a magic wood, beautiful, cute and very strange. You remember I wrote about my history with fairies.

It seems me, my magic wood should be like these:

Magic spring forest

if I could be anywhere, I would be in a magic wood

the fairy forest at night with flashlights, fireflies and wooden bridges
secret part of the wood

There would be naturally small houses for small inhabitants:

A very comfortable gnome’s house
Lily of the valley and mushroom house


I ‘d like to meet the fairies, elves, Beautiful, with wings. I’like to speak to gnomes and much much more.

Fairy child with butterflies


cute fairy boy and fairy girl
cute toon baby fairy sitting in a sunflower and looking at a monarch butterfly
a monarch butterfly and fairy
a fairy boy is sleeping on a mushroom

a fairy boy dressed in green leaves with green wings

Also, I would like to speak with magic people. I have many questions, and you? What do you ask pixie or gnome about?

Ufff, now I feel, that you’d like to see the cartoons from the childhood. I have many things in my big bag and I am not greedy:)) Enjoy

But we are not more children, for pity and want to know not only the texts of the fairies tales but something more. I would recommend you to read the article “Why we believe in fairies” by Stephen R.L.Clark:

I also would recommend the compendium of the books devoted to this theme.

And a supernatural magazine:

After reading all this, I promise, you will be a star at any party, then become very famous and will have your own TV show and a column in a well-respected newspaper. Don’t forget to invite me to your show!!!

But these are only dreams, that one of few things that remain from our childhood.

You and me, we understand, that magic woods, gnomes, fairies are only dreams. But life without dreams would be insupportable and grey, I think.

Tell, what do you think about? What is your opinion about dreams sometimes about magic things?

P.S. If you like very cute vrcctor pictures of fairies, write me! I have a “collection” of pictures .

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