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We all have to do a little cooking sometimes. Some people like it, the others hate it. Let’s speak about eating preferences! And in the end, I have a huge video gift for you!! Cooking lifehacks!!! Healthy food links.

I think I stay between: I do not like and do not hate. I prefer healthy food: fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts.

Oh, and chocolate! How could I forget about chocolate!! I am natural chocolate fan!

chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips

Delicious chocolate candies in the gift box

Brownies in stacked coffee cups with hot fudge chocolate sauce

But if we speak about “normal” food, I prefer fish with vegetables.

Delicious portion of fresh salmon fillet with aromatic herbs, spices, and vegetables

My all-time-yes salad is “Caprese” (especially somewhere in a small town in Italy or France, with fresh bread.

caprese salad tomato and mozzarella slices with basil leaves

My mom prefer Tai and Japan kitchen.

tom yam soup with seafood


Sushi for two served on black stone


My father likes meat and vegetable. A bit typical for a man, isn’t it?


grilled beef steak meat with vegetables


My son, unfortunately, eat unhealthy((

fast food and unhealthy eating concept






And what are your eating preferences?

I’d also like to give you some links about healthy food – it is not difficult and, trust me, can be very delicious:)

healthy food

50 supper healthy foods

recipes collection

Eat healthily, be beautiful and I love all of you:)))



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