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A small myth you should know about chihuahua! Especially, if you think to get a pet home and do not know, whom to choose.

Everyone who sees my small doggies make so: mmmm, how cute dogs, how minor, how beautiful and try to stroke one of them. And they are always unpleasantly surprised when I say: No, please! These are furious dogs, and they don’t like the stranges and will try to defend me!

Look! A very very small puppy is very serious and ready to act.

Chihuahuas are small but very self-confident, brave and angry. The only person they love is their owner, then the relatives and friends of the owner and that’s all. Yes, they are the smallest dogs all around in the world, but they take the second place (after dachshunds) after level of angriness.

Honestly, chihuahuas are cool, cheerful, funny, kind and very very trusted. They will defend their owner even with their life. It was reported, that a small chihuahua matched a bear! To get such a fearless defender, first, you have to grow this tiny furball, explain to him, what is right, what is wrong, what it mays, what not. And the then his whole life to stay his best friend, mother, and father, brother and sister. If you haven’t done it, a chihuahua can be angry even to his owner.

To prove it, I have found a video about my favorite breed.


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