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Вам хочется подарить родным и друзьям эксклюзивный подарок? Handmade gift for New Year and Christmas! Номер 2.

Вам хочется подарить родным и друзьям особенный подарок? Супер! 

Я предлагаю маленький флешмобик. Я буду публиковать открытки к новому году и Рождеству, а вы сможете их распечатать и подарить своим близким и друзьям. Начнем?

Открытка номер два. Смешная, детская, для любимых.

Первая открытка:
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Crazy questions, questions, questions… Sweet or salty?

As for me, it is not a question at all! Sure, SWEET!! But I have a friend, who prefers salty food. In the restaurant, she always looks at me and asks: why, tell me, why do you eat this piece of cake instead of a good portion of pasta? Hmm, answer I, I don’t know, why, but I know “how” – with a big pleasure;))


And you? What is your choice?

If you are looking for smth Christmas sweet, but it doesn’t be food, have a look at my shampoo bar:

Find 25+ Christmas cake recipes here:

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Breaking question of the day:) City or Country?


As for me, so without any doubt – city. A big city, plenty of different interesting people, many theaters and museums, a long history, an old town. Hmm, it seems to me that I speak about my city – Rīga!

And you? Where do you live and where do you want to live?



read more:

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Life is an embarrassing miracle! The quote of the Day by Albert Einstein.


And another one Perle from the Great Albert Einstein:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

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Magical history of Cosmetics, from the Stone Age to modern days.

 While some people assume that cosmetic products are a recent invention, discoveries of the use of cosmetics go back thousands of years.


Remains of palettes estimated to be around 100.000 years old have been discovered that contain traces of mixed pigments. These were most likely used for cave art and body decoration, while the Neanderthals even used body adornment to make statements of personality.

Much later on, the ancient Egyptians used scented oils and ointments to clean and soften their skin, protect it from the sun and wind, and even to mask body odors. Heavy make-up around the eyes also became common in ancient Egypt as a beauty statement and to offer protection from evil spirits and improve eye-sight!



Discoveries show that people living in present-day Turkey used creams made of animal fat to soothe the skin as far back as 3000 BC, and the ancient Greeks applied white toxic lead to their face to obtain the pale look that was all-the-rage. The Greeks also painted their lips with a paste made of iron oxide or ochre mixed with olive oil and used kohl for eye shadow and to connect the eyebrows.



 Still back in ancient times, Chinese people stained their fingernails with colors to represent a social class. Soon after, they began using rouge for lips and rice powder to make their faces white.


    Also, the ancient Romans made their skin paler by using chalk powder, white lead, and a cream made of animal fat, starch, and tin oxide.


 Moving into the first millennium AD, henna became popular as hair dye and painting complex designs on hands and feet around 300-400 AD in parts of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and South Asia.



     Even the sea-faring Vikings were at it! Both men and women used make-up, such as kohl for the eyes, while much attention was paid to the grooming of hair and beards and weekly bathing, which was unusual at the time.


 In the Middle Ages, cosmetics usage spread across Europe, to the chagrin of the church. Pale skin was still deemed attractive, so lead, chalk, or flour was employed. Some people would even engage in bloodletting in the hope of lightening their skin. Lipstick and rouge were seen as reserved for women of “bad character,” such as prostitutes, and church officials were known to proclaim that cosmetics were only used by heathens and Satan worshippers!

 Elizabeth I of England was famous for her red hair and pale beauty, which she obtained using white lead and vinegar. Many women made tremendous efforts to look like her, using hair dye to attain the same hair color.


     Soon after, the aristocracies of England and France became obsessed with their cosmetic regime. Pale skin, rouge, and wigs were a must. The application of beauty spots became widespread, with the exact location of the spot being seen to represent a particular aspect of an individual’s personality!






 The rise of an actual cosmetics industry took off at the start of the 20th century. In the very early 1900s, make-up was not yet in wide use, except for face whitening for which arsenic was often used! Pale skin was associated with wealth as rich people did not have to spend time outdoors tending to fields. The entertainment industry played a major role in making cosmetics fashionable as of around 1910, first through famous ballet and theatre stars, and later Hollywood, where icons of our industry such as Helena Rubinstein and Max Factor began their careers as make-up artists.


Text by

Picture by me;)

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World, France, Paris and Notre Dame after the fire. I have a heavy heart.



My first flight was to Paris. For the first time in my life, I traveled alone abroad.

Then I was a student of about 17-18 y.o. It wasn’t an excursion, I stayed in the apartment of the family of a girl, who I had met some months ago in Petersburg. There lived: her father, her mother, my friend, her elder sister, her brother sometimes came to visit his family and stayed at sleepover and twins (her brother and her sister). And for two weeks – me…

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We all have to do a little cooking sometimes. Some people like it, the others hate it. Let’s speak about eating preferences! And in the end, I have a huge video gift for you!! Cooking lifehacks!!! Healthy food links.

I think I stay between: I do not like and do not hate. I prefer healthy food: fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts.

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What do you feel, when you want smth very very much, but cannot do it?? You haven’t possibility, or are busy, or something else, what do you feel?

I am frustrated in such moments.

Like now. I have so many ideas, what about to write, about to discuss, to laugh together, but absolutely have no time(((

I have now 4, hm, say, questions to close: I have started to change my shop at Etsy. It goes, but not so speed, as I would like.

The second “question” is my site. I want to write the posts about cosmetology, skin and hair problems and how can resolve them in your kitchen or in the garden, I want to tell you about aromatherapy and give some advice about the essential oils, I’dd like to answer your questions. I am going to open a small shop here with funny,, cool,  natural, things (not only cosmetics) and I read and read a bundle of instructions about that and about that, sometimes I feel that my brain boils.

The third thing concerns my own cosmetology cabinet, that is almost ready, but however, there are yet many things to do.

The fourth ” problem&question” is that I want to write some small books about home remedies, aromatherapy, how not to spend a lot of money on the “firm” cosmetics and much more…  My customers and friends have asked me about it for a long time.

The problem is that I have not finished making repairs in my apartment. Something here, there, need to buy something and wait, when it arrives.

So, I’d like to say THANK you, that you subscribe to my blog!  I love you all!! And promise that the first 1000 subscriber will get a gift from me and my shop!

And two of my loved songs about love





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A small myth you should know about chihuahua! Especially, if you think to get a pet home and do not know, whom to choose.

Everyone who sees my small doggies make so: mmmm, how cute dogs, how minor, how beautiful and try to stroke one of them. And they are always unpleasantly surprised when I say: No, please! These are furious dogs, and they don’t like the stranges and will try to defend me!

Look! A very very small puppy is very serious and ready to act.

Chihuahuas are small but very self-confident, brave and angry. The only person they love is their owner, then the relatives and friends of the owner and that’s all. Yes, they are the smallest dogs all around in the world, but they take the second place (after dachshunds) after level of angriness.

Honestly, chihuahuas are cool, cheerful, funny, kind and very very trusted. They will defend their owner even with their life. It was reported, that a small chihuahua matched a bear! To get such a fearless defender, first, you have to grow this tiny furball, explain to him, what is right, what is wrong, what it mays, what not. And the then his whole life to stay his best friend, mother, and father, brother and sister. If you haven’t done it, a chihuahua can be angry even to his owner.

To prove it, I have found a video about my favorite breed.


#video #chihuahua #dogs #animals

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If I could be anything right now, I would be in a fairy wood. And where would you be?

I would be in a magic wood, beautiful, cute and very strange. You remember I wrote about my history with fairies.

It seems me, my magic wood should be like these:

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Are you feel sometimes nostalgic for your childhood? And what you feel nostalgic for?

Honestly, I miss this feeling of lightness of life. You do not think about your work, children, credits. You live like a puppy (sorry!!): there is a gigantic bag with huge opportunities: to see for the first time mountains, seas, oceans, unusual plants, and flowers, to meet the cuisine of different nations, to not think about the weight!!! (I think the girls will understand me).


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Only girls 2


It is International Women’s Day. As a fashion blog, I want to remind all the women following me today that your beauty is not based on what you wear, how much you weigh, how you do your hair, whether your makeup is on point, or whether you’re sexually attractive to ANYBODY. Your beauty also doesn’t come from how much you achieve in life, whether you succeed, or whether you reach all your goals. Your beauty comes from fulfilling the special place you hold in this world. You are an individual. By being yourself to the best of your abilities, you give to the world what no one else can give it: YOU. That is true beauty. You are an integral part of the tapestry of this world, and without you, the world would be a bleaker place.

Happy International Women’s Day.


via sartorialadventure

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Girls only

My dear friends, colleagues, sisters, today is the Woman’s Day – our day (although I think, that all days are ours, but we have to remember the long way to the gender equality, we have to remember our sisters in other countries, like Irak, Yemen etc).

I’d like that you look at our contemporaries, of different ages, of different skin colors, of different specialties. Just look at them and I am sure you as me also will be proud that we are women!


woman with a pink hat and the text gender equality