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Are you feel sometimes nostalgic for your childhood? And what you feel nostalgic for?

Honestly, I miss this feeling of lightness of life. You do not think about your work, children, credits. You live like a puppy (sorry!!): there is a gigantic bag with huge opportunities: to see for the first time mountains, seas, oceans, unusual plants, and flowers, to meet the cuisine of different nations, to not think about the weight!!! (I think the girls will understand me).


But the most amazing opportunity is to have the possibility to read books. The first “natural” book was Karlsson-on-the-Roof, reading me by my grandfather before going to bed.

A cartoon adaptation of the series became popular in the Soviet Union when it was released in the 1970s. These adaptations are still celebrated as an integral part of the Russian cartoon industry.

Here you can see all series of this cartoon, naturally on Russian. But it worth it, trust me:)

Then, when I was about 9-10 y.o. I opened the magical, strange, mysterious Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There  and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Alice’s world became mine for a couple of years. I was Alice, I trusted in magic,   Of course, I reread now the books of Lewis Carrol and I fell again all its magic, riddle, the conundrum, and enigma. I feel into rabbit’s hole, I see the bottles labeled: Eat me! and Drink me!, I become a quest at a mad tea party and I feel nostalgic for all my mysterious world in my childhood with Alice,

(Oh, my God, how I love the Hatter by Johnny Deep)

Похожее изображение


And then my mother bought me “Hobbit or There and Back again”. I have even found the cover of my book:

Картинки по запросу хоббит толкин


Since this time I am a fan of “Hobbit”, but naturally more I love “The Lord of Rings”. I like elves, fairies.

And so I decided to add to my shop a bit of mystery and maybe some pixie dust, who knows…

I have made a new cover for the shop and a new label II forgot its name)

Have a look:




It is not bad, right?


If you want to see all live, you are welcome!!


Who does not know about my magic shop, please can read a bit:


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