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A story about, how to survive in Latvia, get a job and become happy?

Many people think, how it is to survive in a new country, find a job and become happy?

I would like to share some things about my story and my store.

My first year of “surviving”. I have just open my shop of handmade cosmetics.

1.How to survive in Latvia

We, me and my son, moved to Latvia 7 years ago. He started to go to school and I thought, what to do with my work. I am a linguist, but wanted something new! And I choose handmade cosmetics.

2. To find a job

Since I started to run this small business, for three years I read, listened, studied in some medical schools, sought professional advice and made my first products to try them on myself, my family and my friends. Receiving my first order was absolutely thrilling. 

3. To make your own business a family business

Some years later my wonderful and very talented son joined me and I very appreciate his advice, his work, and his help. Quite recently my mother, who is an inexhaustible source of recipes for home and folk medicine, has started to help us and GreenCharm became a true family business.

4. Love world around you!

I know firsthand how important it really is to care for the environment, because in addition of looking after my store, I also look after and cherish my three adorable Chihuahua doggies!

Our world is beautiful. It is a place of wonder that we simply have to preserve, have to save. By making our cosmetics and other items natural and “green”, we show our appreciation for the world we live in, for our green planet. 
We take care to ensure the quality and eco-friendliness of not just the ingredients we use in our products, but even the packaging material as well. Only the most recyclable and non-polluting packaging materials are used. Nothing here is wasted, nothing that can damage our ecology is used, and we want all of you to see the beauty of living green and natural, through our products made with care and passion. 

We are but a small, family business, yet the fact that we are still here means a lot for us, and especially for me.

5. Want to know details, ask in comments;)

So, it is one of the ways, how to survive in a strange country::))))

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