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GreenCharmCosmetics. An exciting life, my dogs and unique experience.

My name is Anna. I live in Riga – it’s a wonderful city! If you have one time the possibility to visit it – do it, without thinking a long time!!

I have a wonderful son Michael.

I have three dogs (even though I live in the center of Riga)! Do not worry! I have chihuahuas and a huge park near my house;)) I am the happiest woman in the world, because I have the best of the best friends – my dogs!

 The oldest dog smiles sleeping:))


My middle beauty:))


 and my youngest wonder:)

Mmmm, it is difficult to speak about myself. It would be better if you have questions: just ask me!

What is this blog about? About cosmetics, because I have a shop of handmade cosmetics, you can find it here:

So, I’d like to speak about cosmetics ingredients, about our skin, our hair and their problems, show, how to make your own scrub or mask or… simply in your kitchen, to speak about Ayurveda and essential oils and much more:)

This blog will be also about dogs, Riga, interesting things. Here will be many funny video and beautiful photos.

P.S. Mmmm, just to know whom you speak with:::))

P.P.S. I think, it is more ME, than on the previous photo. You can see it in my post:

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