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Супер важная информация. Вы носите очки? А подбирать оправу к своему типу лица умеете?

Before choosing the glasses you have to know your face shape.
it is probably the most important knowledge when you are choosing your glasses.

So have a good look at yourself in the mirror, put your hair away from the face to better understand its shape and decide, what is yours.

The best picture and explaining I found here:

And the picture from this site:

Which of these face shapes is yours?

I advise very much to visit this site and, maybe, your next glasses will be the best in your life:)

So, you have to choose your face shape. It can be oval, round, square, triangle, heart-shaped, rectangle, diamond, oblong and inverted triangle. Uuuuffff, difficult! But I will show you some pictures and you will understand the differences.

Different face shapes

Different face shapes 2

Female face shapes 3

Now I hope, you can better and easier understand in the mirror, what is your face types.

But I would like to speak not about face shapes, but HOW to choose the glasses! So, the glasses for each face type, very schematic, you understand, but you can catch the idea!

Different glasses shapes for different face shapes

Glasses shapes for different female face shapes


Soon is summer! Naturally, don’t forget about sunglasses:)

Women’s Sunglasses Shapes for different face shapes

illustration of sunglasses shapes for different female face types


And at the end of this long speech, I would not want to forget about the second half of humanity! It would be not polite;))

Right glasses for men face shapes

Where you can read more about this theme:


Uffffff! I think, I did all my best in this post;;;;)))))

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